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The Nicaraguan Revolution 19th of July 1979 – The History Behind

The Nicaraguan Revolution: History and Impact 7/20/1979-Managua, Nicaragua-Members of the 5-man junta of the Sandinista provisional government wave from the top of a fire truck as they enter the main square in downtown Managua.Bettmann / Getty Images By Rebecca Bodenheimer … Les meir

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Rosa Luxemburg in Memory – 101 Years Since the Murder

The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg review – tragedy and farce – Book Review Klaus Gietinger’s investigation into the socialist revolutionary’s death, 100 years on, captures the absurdity of the trials that followed. But why is she significant? First published by … Les meir

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Nicaraguan Revolution – 40 Years Anniversary!

Sandinista Revolution Before entering into this topic, we should state that this article is merely historical, without any relation with the Nicaraguan political world. Every year on July 19, hundreds of people from all over the country gather at Plaza … Les meir

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Climate Change Danger Is «Higher Than Ever»: U.N. Report – So Is Capitalism

Pollution and climate change due to human influence is “clear,” and the observed effects are “unprecedented,” according to a report released Sunday by a United Nations panel. The fourth and final volume of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s giant … Les meir

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Manifesto: 10 Тheses of the Leftist Opposition in Ukraine

A note from the editorial board of LeftEast:  In the view of LeftEast editors, this manifesto, while representing a minoritarian position within the Ukrainian left, is a very serious and considered document that deserves a wide audience. We are posting … Les meir

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Syria and the hazard (the West)

Photo: http://socialistworker.co.uk/ Britain, the US and France has stepped up their rhetorics and are leading the calls for action against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. This came after a chemical attack which killed hundreds of civilians in Damascus last week. It … Les meir

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