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The Iraqi Kurds Stated Independence in Referendum – But how far can they go?

More than 92% of voters in Iraqi Kurdistan back independence Referendum results in overwhelming endorsement of split from Baghdad, after troops are sent into disputed areas A Syrian Kurd takes a selfie in the north-eastern city of Qamishli during a … Les meir

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Qatar blockade worries US generals in keeping dominating the Middle East

Qatar crisis exposes dangerous tensions by Nick Clark Tue 13 Jun 2017 Comments attributed to the emir of Qatar (above) brought imperial rivalries between Iran and Saudi Arabia to the fore (Pic: Chuck Hagel) A huge crisis in the Middle … Les meir

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Noreg og USA ut av Syria!

Stans krigen i Syria – Hent soldatene hjem Uttalelse fra Rødts landsstyremøte 14. – 16. oktober: Norge er på full fart dypere inn i stormaktenes kamp om innflytelse i Midtøsten. Det gjør verden mer utrygg, både i Norge og Syria. … Les meir

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The West‘s double standard towards Saudi Arabia!

The big controversy in the beginning of 2016 and in the Middle East and beyond, is the quarrel between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Where Iran is furious over the Saudi killing of Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr together with 46 others, mostly … Les meir

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