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Michael Robert: Russia under Putin

In my last post, I described how Western capital is planning to take over and control Ukraine’s resources and exploit its labour force to the maximum in order to boost the profitability of both Ukraine’s domestic capitalists (oligarchs) and foreign … Les meir

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Michael Robert: Ukraine: the invasion of capital

Last week, Ukraine’s foreign private creditors agreed to the country’s request for a two-year freeze on payments on about $20bn of foreign debt.  This would enable Ukraine to avoid defaulting on its overseas borrowings.  Unlike other ‘emerging economies’ in debt … Les meir

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The terrible bombing in Kabul and the West’s responsibility for IS

In the wake of the terrible bombing in Kabul as the latest, we must ask: Who is the real «creator» of, and responsible for IS or Isis? Bush and Blair, or Obama among other Western leaders and their «good friend», the … Les meir

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The West’s (and Russia’s) interests in Syria

ill. feom anti-imperialism.com/ 2013/ 09/ 01/ syria-in-crosshairs-of-us-imperialism/ On 21 August, hundreds – perhaps over a thousand – people were killed in a chemical weapon attack in Ghouta, Damascus, prompting the U.S., UK, Israel and France to raise the specter of … Les meir

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