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The Possible U.S. Path Towards War With Russia

The Signs, Options and Risks of a U.S. Strike on Syria Highlights The United States is building a military coalition to deter Syria’s use of chemical weapons. This coalition may conduct a broader operation with a bigger target list than … Les meir

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The terrible bombing in Kabul and the West’s responsibility for IS

In the wake of the terrible bombing in Kabul as the latest, we must ask: Who is the real «creator» of, and responsible for IS or Isis? Bush and Blair, or Obama among other Western leaders and their «good friend», the … Les meir

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Aleppo’s Fate – the West’s most to Blame

How the West must share the blame for Aleppo’s day of horror Western powers – including the UK – will have to bear some responsibility for the abject policy that has contributed to the suffering of tens of thousands of civilians Kim Sengupta … Les meir

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