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Book: Humane: How the United States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War – By Samuel Moyn

‘The Question Not Being Discussed Is Whether the War Is Just or Necessary’ In a new book, a Yale historian argues that Washington is setting a dangerous international precedent for permanent war. By Michael Hirsh, a senior correspondent at Foreign Policy. SEPTEMBER … Les meir

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Nobel Peace Prize to Journalists

The Nobel Peace Prize 2021 EnglishNorwegian Announcement The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 2021 to Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov for their efforts to safeguard freedom of expression, which is a precondition for democracy … Les meir

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Desmund MpiloTutu 90 Years – Still Activist!

South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu turns 90 amid new racist slur Archbishop Desmond Tutu. File   | Photo Credit: AP – CAPE TOWN, OCTOBER 06, 2021 Often hailed as the conscience of South Africa, Archbishop Tutu was a key campaigner against … Les meir

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The Impact and Consequences ofUS Sanctions

“We don’t deserve this”The Impact and Consequences of US Sanctions A report by the Sanctions Kill Coalition, September 2021 TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction …. 3Findings … 4Conclusions … 12Recommendations … 14Voices from the Sanctioned … 15Impact of sanctions on specific countries … Les meir

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The Biden Adm. Continues US Bloody War Support!

The State Department just approved a $500 million sale in helicopter maintenance to Saudi Arabia. Months ago President Biden announced to the nation that he was serious about ending U.S. involvement in the Saudi-led war on Yemen. However, this sale … Les meir

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The other 11th September! To remember – 48 years!

4 Things to Remember About Chile’s 1973 Coup June 26 marked the birthday of former president Salvador Allende, who died in the   coup. Salvador Allende, the iconic left-wing leader and one of Chile’s best known presidents, was born on this … Les meir

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The Huge Damage of US Imperialism in Afghanistan!

US military continued killings of children in Afghanistan by Charlie Kimber – Tue 31 Aug 2021 – US soldiers have been killing children in Afghanistan for 20 years (Pic: Flickr/ The US Army ) The United States military left … Les meir

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Gjesteblogg: Militære intervensjonar er aldri løysinga!

AFGHANISTAN. MALI NESTE? Det har kommet sterke reaksjoner i Mali etter at Taliban har tatt makten i Afghanistan, fordi »mange i Mali ser likhetstrekk mellom konfliktene i de tolandene», skriver nettstedet Mali 24info, 17.08.21.  Den tidligere utenriksministeren i Mali, Tiébilé … Les meir

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Innlegg om den utruleg skamlege vestlege imperialismen i Afghanistan

Bergens Tidende hadde en lederartikkel 14. august der det står at «Natos og vestlige regjeringers ambisjon om å bygge en demokratisk stat i Afghanistan, står i fare for å kollapse». Jeg ble virkelig sint da jeg leste det. Formålet for … Les meir

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Taliban Take Over – What Now? Strategic Humiliating Defeat for the West!

Taliban Says It Will Not Enter Kabul by Force The Taliban ordered its members to wait near the Kabul gates and not try to enter the city.  Amid uncertainty in Kabul and fears that the city will collapse, the Taliban … Les meir

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