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Let Venezuela get it’s COVID-19 Emergency Loan!

IMF – Grant Venezuela its COVID-19 Emergency Loan Venezuela Solidarity Campaign started this petition to International Monetary Fund We urge the IMF to reverse its decision to refuse Venezuela’s request for a $5 billion loan from the emergency fund of … Les meir

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Cuba, China, Venezuela Will Help Italy When Others Refuse

China, Cuba, Venezuela March 17, 2020 Italy and UK rely on help from Cuba, China, Venezuela to fight coronavirus – as US steps up brutal sanctions Italy requested doctors from China, Cuba, and Venezuela to contain the coronavirus, while Cuba … Les meir

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Latin-Amerika Anno 2019 – Annus Horribilis?

Situasjonen i Latin-Amerika og den nyliberale høgre/ekstremhøgre motoffensiv Mens latinamerikanarar har valt ein alternativ kurs til nyliberalismen i nesten to tår, håpte ein i «vest» at denne utviklinga berre var eit symptom og vil ga over, slik at «business as … Les meir

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US and EU Sanctions on Venezuela are Inhumane and Criminal!

The human cost of the US sanctions on Venezuela The US has a total embargo on Venezuela. The EU has imposed new sanctions. The goal is to oust President Nicolas Maduro. But the measures are hitting Venezuelans hard and are … Les meir

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Venezuela Self-proclaimed “Interim President” Guaido and his Colombian Drug Trafficker Friends

Venezuela Probes Guaido over Photos with Colombian Drug Traffickers Los Rastrojos have been accused of drug smuggling, extortion, and targeted killings. Self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido was reportedly aided by paramilitaries in crossing the border in February. (@wilcan91) By Lucas … Les meir

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Grassroots Organizers and Chavez’s Socialist Project

Building Socialism from Below: A Conversation with Martha Lia Grajales A young theorist and grassroots organizer argues that Chavez’s socialist project lives on as an array of self-organized initiatives. Martha Lia Grajales, founder and organizer of the Unidos San Agustin … Les meir

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The Biggest and Most Dangerous War Hawk in the World!

John Bolton: the man driving the US towards war … any war Donald Trump’s national security adviser is stoking tensions with North Korea, Iran and Venezuela, in line with decades of taking the most hawkish position on any given issue … Les meir

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