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ICAN – The World Wide Movement to End Nuclear Weapons – SIGN IT!

Home Nobel Prize 1000 Day Fund International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons We Are a Movement to End Nuclear Weapons.  Join the Campaign Thank you! Check your inbox for a verification E-mail. #IamICAN If you believe that we must end … Les meir

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Turkey˙s Political-Military Crimes and The West˙s Silence

To Erdogan˙s so called “best allied” he tells them how to behave. The furious Erdogan tells the US to choose between Turkey and Syrian Kurds, as this report from rt.com shows (2016). But the imperialist power seems not to bother, … Les meir

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Fight against corporate greed and capitalism – in memory of BERTA!

Berta Caceres won the Goldman Environmental award in 2015 Berta Caceres was killed because she was defending her community from a mega-dam project in Honduras. Dam investors think that with Berta out of the way, the project is a done deal — … Les meir

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