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Lebanon in deep economic crisis – The people want change

Lebanon protesters call on gov’t to resign amid economic crisis Demonstrators take to streets across Lebanon after currency loses more than 60 percent of its value. Saturday 13th June 2020 – aljazeera.com Protesters say the government has failed to manage … Les meir

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War within Capitalism and the G20’s Unresolved Matters

The G20 and the cold war in technology by michael roberts Last weekend’s G20 summit in Osaka resolved nothing substantial in the ongoing trade and technology war that the US is now waging with China. At best, a truce was … Les meir

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The Shameful «Tori» Break Down of British Society

Tories’ lies over ‘tragic’ scale of poverty exposed by Nick Clark – Fri 24 May 2019 – socialistworker.co.uk UN special rapporteur Philip Alston has slammed the Tories» austerity (Pic: UN Photo/Loey Felipe) What is it about a United Nations (UN) … Les meir

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The misconception between Neoliberalism and Capitalism

Neoliberalism: not so bad? by michael roberts I don’t really like the term «neoliberal» because it is used lazily as an alternative to pro-capitalist policies or even to the word «capitalism» itself. In doing so, it causes confusion in explanations about trends … Les meir

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