Archaeology seminar: Søren Sindbæk – A ritual assembly on the workshop floor in Viking-age Ribe

Arkeologisk Forskningsseminar Bergen: Søren Sindbæk – A ritual assembly on the workshop floor

“A ritual assembly on the workshop floor. From high-definition excavations to 3D image reconstruction of an amulet ensemble from Viking-age Ribe.”

By Søren Sindbæk

In 2018, the speaker excavated a non-ferrous metal workshop from the Viking Age in Ribe, Denmark, as part of the Northern Emporium Research Project. Among the finds were fragments of moulds for small amulets with strange images of people and animals. The shapes were broken, but with the inventive use of 3D laser scanning and digital image reconstruction, it has been possible to reconstruct the fascinating figures. The most notable was a figure dressed in a women’s dress, weapons, and splendid helmet. This lecture offers a journey in the work of reconstructing the unique images and understanding their meaning. It is a journey that leads from the ancient world to the Scandinavia of the Viking Age, and which offers new views of the beliefs and rituals of the Viking Age.

Sydneshaugen skole Auditorium A (Sydnesplassen 9, 5007 Bergen) 18. november, 2022 Youtube streaming:

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