Puma Talks Profits as Israel Kills Yet Another Palestinian Footballer

Honor Mohammad and Saeed, and too many others like them. Tell PUMA shareholders: End complicity in Israeli apartheid. 
May 2021: During PUMA’s shareholders meeting, Israeli forces shot and killed 16-year-old footballer Saeed Odeh as Israel escalated its ongoing violence against Palestinians.April 2022: Ahead of PUMA’s shareholders meeting, Israeli forces shot and killed 19-year-old footballer Mohammad Ghneim during another wave of intensified Israeli violence against Palestinians.This is the decades-long continuum of violence of Israel’s regime of apartheid and military occupation. PUMA supports that violence.
The teams that Mohammad and Saeed played for are among more than 200 Palestinian teams calling on PUMA to end its complicity in Israeli apartheid.Honor Mohammad and Saeed, and too many others like them. 
Tell PUMA shareholders: End complicity in Israeli apartheid
 Mohammad and Saeed, like millions of Palestinians, grew up under Israel’s military rule. They overcame the challenges of Israeli apartheid and set out to realize their dreams of being star footballers. Israel’s criminal actions cut those dreams short.PUMA supports Israel’s military occupation. While PUMA almost immediately sanctioned Russia over its illegal aggression against Ukraine, it has used the flimsy excuse of not getting involved in politics to defend its complicity in Israel’s crimes against Palestinians.PUMA’s self-depicted progressive image can’t hide its hypocrisy and support for Israeli apartheid. 
Tell PUMA: Stop covering for Israel as it cuts short the dreams and lives of Palestinian athletes

PUMA needs to decide. Continue playing for Team Apartheid? Or join a growing number of professional athletes upholding the values of sport and refusing to sportswash Israel’s crimes against Palestinians?
From: Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI)

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