Peru on the Path to Socialism, or a Socio-Economic Revolucion?

Peru: President Castillo Appoints 16 Ministers

President Pedro Castillo (R) inaugurates Guido Bellido (L) as Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Ayacucho, Peru, July 29, 2021.

Published 30 July 2021 –

So far, his cabinet members have been active in leftist parties and actively promoted progressive causes.

On Thursday, Peru’s President Pedro Castillo appointed 16 ministers to his cabinet in a ceremony held at the Great National Theater in Lima.


Miguel Diaz-Canel and Pedro Castillo Hold First Phone Call

The Health Ministry will be lead by Hernando Cevallos, who was the Wide Front leftist party’s leader and Castillo’s health spokesperson during the presidential campaign. The Interior Minister will be in charge of Juan Carrasco, who was an anti-corruption prosecutor of Lambayeque province.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry will be lead by sociologist Hector Bejar, who was a guerrilla fighter in the 1960s; the Defense Minister will be in charge of judge Walter Ayala; and the Development Ministry will be lead by Vice President Dina Boluarte.

The Education Ministry will be in charge of Juan Cadillo, who was recognized by «The Global Teacher Prize 2017» as one of the world’s best children teachers for his use of training technologies. The Women and Vulnerable Populations Minister will be led by sociologist Anahi Durand, an active member of the New Peru leftist movement.

The Production Ministry will be lead by Ivan Quispe, who was a former member of the Broad Front, and the Foreign Trade Ministry will be in charge of Roberto Sanchez, who was president of the Together for Peru party.

Teivo Teivainen@TeivoTeivainen

With #anticolonial emphasis, #PedroCastillo says he will not live in the presidential palace. He tells it will become a museum, managed by pluralized Ministry of Cultures. #peru#colonialism#colonialidad#castillo

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Setting an example for Peru and for politicians everywhere, President-elect Pedro Castillo has given up his presidential salary and will continue receiving his teacher’s salary.

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  1. Thorleif Berthelsen seier:

    Lenge leve venstresiden i Latin-Amerika:-)

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