Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water

Blue Gold: World Water Wars

2008 film by Sam Bozzo

Blue Gold: World Water Wars is a 2008 documentary film directed, co-produced, and co-written by Sam Bozzo, based on the book Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke.It was produced by Mark Achbar and Si Litvinoff and was narrated by Malcolm McDowell. The film was first screened on October 9, 2008, at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

See also this new documentary (English speaking, Norwegian subtitles): This film shows how corporate greed, big bankers and hedgefonds are trying to take control over water supplies in Australia, USA, Britain. These cynical capitalists believe «The blue gold» will give them big profit in years to come, due to scarcity of water and population growth. The film also shows the growing fight and organized protests against this serious danger.

Urix spesial: Vann på børs (Urix special: Water on the stock exchange)

Vannmangel har blitt et internasjonalt problem. Det har gitt et helt nytt marked – kjøp og salg av vann. Men hva skjer egentlig når finansmarkedene tar kontroll over det dyrebare vannet?

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