No War With Iran!

To: The United States Congress

No War With Iran

Campaign created on Moveon. org by Negin Farsad

We, the people of the world, believe in peace and diplomacy, not war with Iran. We support the historic Iran diplomatic deal and condemn Trump’s illegal assassination of Iranian military leaders. We’re calling on Congress to prevent any further attacks and block Trump’s authoritarian actions.

Why is this important?

I have family in Iran, and I have family in America. There’s a lot of love between these families… and frustration and gossip and recipe swapping and, you know, the stuff of families.

When the Iran deal was signed in 2015, it looked like a huge step forward, like Iran was fully coming into and being embraced by the international community. It seemed like the constant threat of some kind of war between the United States and Iran had finally diminished. That international diplomacy was being managed by reasonable adults.

Now, the Trump administration is rapidly moving away from peace, turning its back on allies like France, Germany, and the U.K. by leaving the Iran deal and by the aggressive, illegal assassination of Iranian military leaders.

But I know that my Iranian-American parents and my slew of Iranian aunts and uncles and cousins all agree that for us all to be safe, we must prioritize diplomacy. We need Congress to push for peace with Iran and stop Trump’s attacks.

This war could kill people that I love. It would kill innocents and that should weigh heavily on our conscience as Americans.

Please sign now to tell Congress that we, the people of the world, demand they act to prevent war with Iran:

81,777 (pr. 5. January)

of 100,000 signatures

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