Business as usual in the West as Kurds are fleeing the bombs

On War Crimes and Tennis Sheds


Monday, October 14, 2019 –

Kurds in Syria flee bombing. Photo by Ismail Coskun/ HA via A.P.
Gruesome Cognitive Dissonance Alert: Amidst the grisly consequences of Trump’s feckless, senseless Syrian clusterfuck – ethnic cleansing, civilian devastation and over 160,000 desperate refugees – Grifters Inc, astoundingly, just keep doing their tawdry thing. Having swiftly, unwittingly, and with as much forethought as his next golf cheat engendered in the world’s most volatile region a lethal power vacuum, ethnic free-for-all, unconscionable betrayal of loyal allies, and geo-political fragmentation that will inexorably morph into a breeding ground for ISIS, Trump has  ignited a deep sense of shame among U.S. forces who fought with ISIS soldiers they admired. He has confirmed the longtime skepticism about American trustworthiness in a region where residents like to warn, “Never get into a well with an American rope.” He has also definitively proved «the madman has no clothes,» and it doesn’t matter how he got there. «It makes no difference whether he’s evil, stupid, or a madman,» notes one observer who cites «the bare and obvious truth: Because Trump is president, people are being murdered before cameras, the world is more unsafe, and American promises are worth less than the cursed account that they’re tweeted on.»

Still, the con and his hollow evil spawn, who preside over 120 businesses in Turkey which has nothing to do with their headlong folding to Erdogan, proceed on their money-grubbing way. As the atrocities mount, Trump rages about Schiff, boasts he defeated ISIS «100%,» proposes Napoleon help the Kurds, and urges votes for Sean Spicer on «Dancing With the Stars.» Eric peddles Trump wine, golf, lies, chocolate and grotesque hypocrisy. Melania proudly announces a new tennis pavilion as «a  testament to American craftsmanship and skill»; never mind the slaughter, congrats on the shed. And Nepotism Barbie plays Marie Antoinette, touting daddy’s new Louis Vuitton factory, posing for photos, and jabbering at global events about «a way to operationalize the President’s national security strategy which explicitly states the critical and vital way women play in promoting peace and stability» and women being «brought to the negotiating table.» Alas, Hervin Khalaf  – Kurdish human rights leader and official of a Future Syria Party aimed at uniting Arabs and Kurds – will not be among them. One of nine Kurdish politicians executed by jihadists, Khalaf was dragged from her car, raped, stoned to death and beheaded. Her driver and bodyguard were also dragged out and killed; all three murders were filmed and posted online. There, too, many vented their rage at the primping, clueless, complicit Ivanka in the face of grim reality: «She is Lady Macbeth, and this blood shall not wash off her hands. #Hervin_Khalaf – let her name follow you forever.» And for the rest of her foul clan, may they get what they deserve.

From a Kurdish journalist, harrowing video of a father from Serê Kanîyê/ Ras Al-Ayn whose three children had just been killed: «They destroyed my family. I am finished…Kill me please. One’s child is precious. I have lost my three children. Three…Three.»

— Sardar Mlla Drwish (@serdar_melah) October 13, 2019

Hervin Khalaf

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