The Big Lies of Trump-Imperialism – How the US Try to Topple Venezuela Government

Daily Drumbeat of Anti-Venezuela Propaganda

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Establishment media are consistent, sticking to the official narrative, supporting imperial rage for dominance – no matter how dismissive of rule of law principles and concern for the rights and welfare of ordinary people.

When it comes to Venezuela, major media are in lockstep for regime change, for eliminating Bolivarian social democracy.

Managed news misinformation and disinformation substitute for hard truths. The NYT lied claiming Venezuela’s March 7 blackout resulted from “wildfires, perilously close to essential power transmission lines.”

A US-staged cyberattack on the country’s electrical grid was responsible. Hard evidence proved it. Not good enough for the Times, substituting fiction for facts, wanting Maduro blamed for Trump regime sabotage.

More followed on March 18 and yesterday. Power corporation of Venezuela Corpoelec said sabotage was responsible for the three blackouts.

Well prepared to act against further attacks, the last two were largely resolved in hours. The three incidents had nothing to do with electrical system neglect, as the Times falsely reported, taking a page from the Trump regime’s playbook, repeating its Big Lie.

More lies and distortion followed, the Times turning truth on its head, claiming “(i)t is undeniable (sic) that Mr. Chavez and Mr. Maduro are to blame for having brought the country to this ruinous state (sic)” – downplaying the Trump regime’s sanctions war, never explaining it’s flagrantly illegal.

Before Bolivarian social democracy changed things, the vast majority of Venezuelans were deeply impoverished, repressed by fascist rule, how neighboring Colombia and Brazil are governed, regimes supported by Washington, the Times, and other major media.

In mid-March, the Times claimed Cuban doctors pressure Venezuelan patients to support Maduro, withholding meds from refusniks.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel slammed the disinformation report, saying “Cuban doctors can never be defamed. Their extraordinary human work is carried out in those lands which the empire calls ‘the world’s dark corners’ ” exposing the NYT’s Big Lie.

Fidel Castro once said they “save lives anywhere, even at the risk of losing theirs. (It’s) the greatest example of solidarity that humankind can offer.”

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post slammed Cuban doctors like the Times, calling them covert military personnel “dressed in civilian clothing,” adding:

“Cuba, according to the Trump (regime), is the main reason President Nicolas Maduro remains in power” – a bald-faced Big Lie other than medical aid provided by its doctors and education by its teachers.

WaPo quoted Pompeo’s Big Lie, saying “(n)o nation has done more to sustain the death and daily misery of ordinary Venezuelans (sic), including Venezuela’s military and their families, than the communists in Havana (sic).”

Caracas and Havana prioritize world peace, stability, cooperative relations with all nations, and respect for rule of law principles.

Cuba’s leading exports to Venezuela and other many countries are goodwill, doctors, and teachers.

Leading US exports are mass slaughter, destruction, human misery, and fantasy democracy, the real thing abhorred at home and abroad.

WaPo lied claiming Cuba has “20,000-25,000 military and intelligence personnel embedded in the Venezuelan military and intelligence services, as well as Maduro’s personal guard.”

Cuban personnel in Venezuela and other countries are doctors and teachers, exporting what’s practiced domestically – world class healthcare and education, free to Cubans and where its personnel work abroad.

In contrast, Americans can have whatever they want – based on the ability to pay for what’s increasingly unaffordable for growing millions.

The Wall Street Journal slammed Russian military aid for Venezuela, expressing concern over how Moscow may be able to foil the Trump regime’s coup attempt – failing to achieve its objectives after over two months of trying.

The Journal: “Russia…is one of a few foreign powers to maintain support for Mr. Maduro, whose May re-election was marred by fraud allegations.”

Fact: Around three-fourths of world nations and the UN refuse to recognize Guaido’s legitimacy because he has none. Independent observers called Maduro’s reelection scrupulously open, free, and fair – true of all Venezuelan elections.

Guaido is supported only by states subservient to US interests, almost entirely regional and EU ones.

The Journal quoted a right-wing hardliner, falsely calling Russian forces in Venezuela a show of defiance, adding “(t)he Russians are always eager to mess with us and to do so in the most public way possible.”

Russian military personnel in Caracas are an expression of bilateral solidarity and cooperation – polar opposite how the US operates, seeking dominance over all other nations, by brute force if other tactics fail.

Over two months after US designated puppet Guaido illegitimately self-declared himself interim Venezuelan president, Maduro, the country’s military and other security forces foiled Trump regime tactics to gain another imperial trophy.

Bolivarian social democracy triumphed over US fascist tyranny – short of Trump regime hardliners sending in the marines.

All bets are off if they go this far. What’s unlikely is possible.

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Thanks to Stephen Lendman for important and decisive articles.

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  1. Thorleif Berthelsen seier:

    I USAs bakgård der hvor alt går an..- Nå må venstresiden være tydelig på hva som skjer. SV har sviktet, men heldigvis har Rødt tatt til vedt (Norge må ta avstand fra Trumps innblanding i Venezuela). I Ap har de jo tradisjoner for å ikke ha utenrikspolitikk nå de ikke er i regjering selv. : https://rø

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