Killing of Palestinian Girl in 2004 – Subject of Requiem of Sorrow in 2017

Håkon Berge «bare en stillhet som kaster meg ut i universet av ensomhet (WP)»
Oslo Sinfonietta & Oslo Domkor
Oslo Cathedral
Performed on 16 September 2017

Vivianne Sydnes – conductor
Isa Katharina Gericke – soloist
Kai Remlov – actor

The title of Håkon Berge’s 2006 work translates as just a silence that casts me out into the universe of solitude. Designated as a Requiem by its creator, the piece is a moving paean to the life of 13 years old Palestinian Iman Darweesh al Hams, who was shot multiple times in cold blood by an Israeli army officer in 2004. The controversial damages and libel case went on to be a major sensation in Israel, with the officer eventually acquitted of any wrongdoing. Berge’s moving piece focuses on the human tragedy at the heart of it all – the unjust and senseless death of an innocent child unlucky enough to be caught in the thick of military action on the Gaza Strip. Using tape recordings of her father’s testimony about his daughter, it is an emotional commemoration of one ordinary life – and the lives around her – transformed by the unending Arab-Israeli conflict.

In collaboration with Oslo Sinfonietta and Oslo Domkor.
This concert forms part of the 100 year celebration of the NKF (the Norwegian Society of Composers).

From Ultima – Oslo contemporay music festival

See also comments on performance at (in Norwegian)

For more on the killing of Iman and others, see:

Four articles showing Israeli soldiers killing indiscriminately Palestinian Girls

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