What is «Fake News» and What is Venezuela?

Democracy on Display in Venezuela; «Fake News» on Display in the US


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2 Responses to What is «Fake News» and What is Venezuela?

  1. Brittany Less seier:

    There is a definite need for an alternative to the existing right wing news monopoly. It is a fact that most of the world’s media is controlled by right wing moguls. Their purpose is to further the virus of capitalism and maintain the world’s gap between rich and poor. Left Insider promotes left wing news from reliable news sites like Novara and Buzz Feed etc. We all have the birthright to fully exploit our own qualities and we all have the duty to assist others achieve theirs.

    • ivarjordre seier:

      Thanks for your respons, Brittany!
      It˙s absolute necessary to fight for a real alternative to the right wing news monopoly. And at the same time important to put it in to contecst: The stage of capitalism is now in the monopoly fase, where f. ex. the 50-100 biggest multinatinals are sooner or later a monopolist in their fields and the power they require is miles and miles above powerless politicians world wide. We are in this stadium in our time and a dangerious future ahead if we don˙t rise up globally. That˙s the hard truth and the big news coglomerates tells the story of business as usual and a «happy global story». Big manupulation!
      I will check more the sites Novara and Buzz Feed.

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