Swedish prosecutors «declassifies» Assange extradition files – But didn’t!!!

Sweden releases ‘fully redacted’ Assange extradition files

Sweden releases ‘fully redacted’ Assange extradition files WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange © Neil Hall / Reuters


Swedish prosecutors have released documents related to the Scandinavian state’s attempts to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. However, the papers have reportedly been fully redacted, with even the bullet points being blacked out.

The country’s authorities dropped their preliminary seven-year rape inquiry against Julian Assange earlier this month.

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Stefania Maurizi, an investigative journalist for Italian newspaper La Republica, posted an image online of a blacked-out document she says was obtained from the Swedish Prosecution Authority under a Freedom of Information request

stefania maurizi @SMaurizi 30. mai

The post was in turn shared by Assange and WikiLeaks who commented on the Swedish government’s “innovative redaction of bullet points.”

Julian Assange @JulianAssange

Swedish state just released docs on why it really wanted to extradite me. Innovative redaction of bullet points. True integrity.



Swedish government releases documents about its attempt (now dropped) to extradite Assange https://twitter.com/SMaurizi/status/869478398804021248  pic.twitter.com/hEL4pa6OIG

Redacting the bullet points is a particularly innovative development in Swedish freedom of information culture.

The document is completely redacted bar one bullet point, sparking jokes from the Twitteratti. Some social media users quipped that they simply didn’t understand the “language” used in the file.

Maurizi revealed she is appealing the Swedish FOIA response, but asked: “Please don’t ask me [to] comment on my FOIA on Julian Assange: I filed a FOIA lawsuit in UK and do not want to undermine it.”

stefania maurizi @SMaurizi

@wikileaks actually, I am still fighting to obtain them, just appealed…

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2 Responses to Swedish prosecutors «declassifies» Assange extradition files – But didn’t!!!

  1. Norman Pilon seier:

    It would be funny if it hadn’t been so tragic for Assange . . .

  2. ivarjordre seier:

    Yes, it would have been funny if..but is instead an example of authorities like the Swedish in being highly arrogant and political.

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