Not to choose any of the Franch candidates – either Neoliberal or Neofascist!

Emmanuel Macron is the Hand Crafted Tool of the Neoliberal Globalist Elites

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: “Macron is more Obama than Obama. More Blair than Blair. A creation, groomed and glossed for this “spontaneous” bid for power by the banking class he unashamedly represents.” Off Guardian

The word is out, the votes are in and it looks like the French presidential election is following the trend in Westernized nations: it will pit continued neoliberal globalization verses breaking away toward a nationalistic populist turn. The Greeks saw it first. And then they were betrayed. The British voted to exit the EU and everyday someone over there is doing their level best to see that decision is overruled. And here in the states, the people begrudgingly elected the Duke of Orange because his globalist, lying war-monger of a “progressive” of an opponent was just too sickening to elect. But his populist facade is melting away quickly like the Wicked Witch of the West after a cold shower.

Across the neoliberalized globe, support for faux-socialist Emmanuel Macron is coming in from the elite puppet-class.

A German MP and Angela Merkel’s chief of staff, Peter Altmaier, stated that the result shows that “France and Europe can jointly win!”

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert‏ also tweeted his support for Macron’s pro-EU and social market economy platform, wishing him “All the best for the next 2 weeks.”..

The EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, went as far as calling Macron “the hope and future of our generation.”

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker also “congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his result in the first round and wished him all the best for the next round,” Juncker’s spokesman, Margaritis Schinas, said on Twitter. RT

Unlike his opposition, Macron will not pull France out of the EU. He will not get them off the euro. He does not support lessening sanctions on Russia. He believes Russia “invaded” Crimea. These are key policy positions that makes him the European globalist elite favor his election over his competition.

But his real appeal to them lies in his willingness to serve at home in the neoliberal restructuring of France’s economic and social structure. That’s what makes him their golden boy because, frankly, that’s what he was made for. Kind of like Obama in that regard.

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