Statement: Communist Party of Turkey on The Referendum

Communist Party of Turkey : «There is no legitimacy of political power anymore»

There is no legitimacy of the referendum results which have been determined by oppression, fraud and thefts

Published Sunday, 16 April 2017 –

The CC of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) released a statement on the devious results of Sunday’s referendum.

The statement declared Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and AKP government as illegitimate since the referendum results «are designated with tyranny, cheating and stealing».

Reminding that a political power does not receive its legitimacy only with votes, the Communist Party of Turkey’s statement declared the celebrations of the ruling AKP government an act of «mocking» the people. The ruling AKP government has long been illegitimate with its reactionary character and practices against the people, the statement said, calling the referendum results «a confirmation of illegitimacy».

«This election has the marks of tyranny and cheating», the statement declared, referring to the decision of Supreme Committee of Elections to accept unsealed voting papers and envelopes as valid.

Confirming that the governing party’s ruling capability is destroyed, the Communist Party of Turkey reminded that the AKP government lost most of larger cities and city centers where no votes overwhelmingly prevailed. Therefore, » there is zero chance for the society to accept a «yes» result to be declared», the statement said.

The Communist Party of Turkey called on the people «to unite, to act organized and not to accept «fait accompli'».

A friend of mine from Turkey wrote this:

This referendum result is fraudulent. All around Turkey according to serious claims of CHP and HDP and Nationalist Meral Aksaner, about 2,5 millon votes were warped.

Already there are many videos about how many AKP officers made cheating with voting boxes. There are incredible manipulations in here. The Supreme committee of elections in Turkey about 5.30 pm, about half an hour before the voting process was over, changed very important rules on the referendum. They canceled the necessary seals of the Supreme committee of elections which needs to be on all envelopes stated that the voting paper have to be inside it. Where the votes came from are therefore, uncertain.

In the biggest three cities of Turkey – Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir – the voting figures almost equalled 30 small cities in the middle of Turkey. «No» votes were high in these three biggest cities:

Istanbul, 51,3 % – NO

Ankara 51,1 % – NO

Izmir 68,8 % – NO

Also, in the other big cities, the situation is the same, «no» votes are high, but incredible cheatings are being made.

Tayyip’s presidentship is illegal!

Ivar Jordre

About ivarjordre

painter, activist, writer, revolutionary, human
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