The failed coup attempt in Turkey – and Erdogan‘s revenge!

The true face of becoming a dictatorship!

BEST QUALITY - Ankara Tanks on the street during the attempted Military coup in Turkey

– Ankara Tanks on the street during the attempted Military coup in Turkey –

EU supports Turkey with millions of Euros on tackling the refugees coming to the continent. In return Turkey want visa free access to all the citizens into the EU. And Erdogan keep Europe a hostage in his demands! The true face of a dictator comes through when Erdogan and his cronies jail hundreds of journalist and political campaigners: NATO has offered at least political support for Turkey’s campaign against PKK as an aim to without direct words, without direct involvement and without political conscience to once and for all get rid of the Kurdish fighters. Of course Erdogan is doing the dirty work for  them and the West. And it is obvious if the bombing campaigns and human rights violations continues against the Kurds and the political left, it can easy turn into a civil war. Just look how little Turkey have attacked IS positions compare to how much PKK have been attacked and demonized. Erdogan and his tin soldiers have all the time been after PKK bases in the mountains in Northern Iraq and not after IS in Northern Syria. Why? Because the Turkish Ottoman and caliphate minded government sees the Kurds as a genuine threat to the big idea of  Grand Turkey. And at the same time Erdogan want to turn himself into the hardest “president-caliph” ever. Together with the usual interests of the West and NATO, Erdogans greed for dictator and EU as an instrumental tool for trading with refugees, we have to be prepared for a rather nasty outcome. Unless we all together with the Turkish people makes it very difficult for a “dictator candidate ” to thrive! 

Ivar Jørdre (From my earlier post of 31. May: The true face of becoming a dictatorship)

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Unfortunately, it‘s exactly what‘s happen now in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt on the night of 16th of July: The “dictator candidate ” is thriving!

Many people from the opposite part of the Turkish population than the presidents followers are not safe right now in the aftermath of the coup attempt. «Maybe in a day, maybe in a year obviously they think to eliminate all of us. It doesn’t matter who, maybe some of us can be socialist, communist, can be Kurdish, can be Turkish, even can be nationalist from both ethnics, the important thing for them, «we all don’t support this AKP government and give the vote for them», and they will act with this thought», writes a Turkish friend of mine living there.

He continues to write: «Every moment new news is coming, the country is going into bottomless insanity! The government talks about bringing back death sentence again to judge the ones who attempted the coup. I do not have any idea how many people will be killed or tortured in this mess. Tayyip Erdogan’s chief advisor said one hour ago (evening of 17. July, my add) on tv screen: «The nation will be armed for self-protection in such a case.» So he mentions they will give the weapons to the AKP supporters to kill the opposite people! You will already see the AKP supporters and police making brutal things to coup attempt suspects.»

The longer term of this coup attempt, where around 300 people was killed, will certainly be of more tightening of the civil, political and human rights of people. Already over 9000 state employees have been detained, among them 3000 soldiers, hundreds of generals and high officers, several thousand (2745 persons) from the justice system, and 8000 police officers sacked. Many in Turkey now believe this coup attempt was staged by the Erdogan government, but this is not confirmed by any evidence yet. If true, this was done to make a presumption to crack down on all opposition to Erdogan and make a big cleansing of all that does not fit into the «supporting universe» in the state apparatus and the military. Erdogan wants to get rid of all his political opponents in this huge «armageddon» operation.

And to his so called «best allied» he tells them how to behave. The furious Erdogan tells the US to choose between Turkey and Syrian Kurds, as this report from shows. But the imperialist power seems not to bother, it‘s more important to have Nato-Turkey as the important strategic country it is. Both countries have been accused by human rights organizations, academics and political experts of either be the direct or indirect supporter of IS. See the embarrassment of Kerry at

To end this article, I quote former Prime Minister of France Jean-Pierre Raffarin: «No place for Turkey in EU, refugee deal doesn’t change anything» ( So, in the aftermath of the coup attempt and Erdogan‘s crackdown on all opposition, the way to a «cosy» relationship not to say membership in the EU might be farther away than ever. «Sorry, Caliph Erdogan, the capitalist EU don‘t want you right now, but if you arrest even more people and kill more kurds, maybe EU will reconsider friendship!»

Ivar Jordre

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