The true face of becoming a dictatorship

erdogan-isis-turkey-syria-kurds-altagreerIll: Latuff, 2014

EU supports Turkey with millions of Euros on tackling the refugees coming to the continent. In return Turkey want visa free access to all the citizens into the EU. And Erdogan keep Europe a hostage in his demands! The true face of a dictator comes through when Erdogan and his cronies jail hundreds of journalist and political campaigners: NATO has offered at least political support for Turkey’s campaign against PKK as an aim to without direct words, without direct involvement and without political conscience to once and for all get rid of the Kurdish fighters. Of course Erdogan is doing the dirty work for  them and the West. And it is obvious if the bombing campaigns and human rights violations continues against the Kurds and the political left, it can easy turn into a civil war. Just look how little Turkey have attacked IS positions compare to how much PKK have been attacked and demonized. Erdogan and his tin soldiers have all the time been after PKK bases in the mountains in Northern Iraq and not after IS in Northern Syria. Why? Because the Turkish Ottoman and caliphate minded government sees the Kurds as a genuine threat to the big idea of  Grand Turkey. And at the same time Erdogan want to turn himself into the hardest «president-caliph» ever. Together with the usual interests of the West and NATO, Erdogans greed for dictator and EU as an instrumental tool for trading with refugees, we have to be prepared for a rather nasty outcome. Unless we all together with the Turkish people makes it very difficult for a «dictator candidate » to thrive! 

Ivar Jørdre

About ivarjordre

painter, activist, writer, revolutionary, human
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