The murder of Olof Palme – 30 years ago

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On the evening of 28th February 1986 at about 23:21, the Swedish prime minister Olof Palme was brutally murdered on the road Sveavegen in Stockholm. He and his wife Lisbet comes out from a cinema they‘ve been to with his son and girlfriend and walk down Sveavegen when the murderer comes from behind and shoots two times. One hits Olof and is deadly, the other just passes Lisbet and slightly injures her. The killer runs off on a sideway and later only a few witnesses can in a not to clearly way describe the assassin. After minutes Olof Palme was brought to Sabbatsbergs hospital and declared dead just after midnight at 00:06. The first news bulletin of his death came on Swedish national radio at 00:20.

Olof Palme was born in 1927 and came from an upper-class, conservative lutheran family in Stockholm. Both parents came from foreign bourgeois families. In his childhood he got his education from private tutors. Under the university period he got his political interests which made him go into Swedish social democratic party. A longtime protégé of Prime Minister Tage Erlander, he became the leader of the party in 1969 and led it until his assassination in 1986. Because of his background and his «turnover» to the left, he was by many conservatives regarded as a class traitor. Palme was a outstanding political and rhetorical talent, and is specially famous for his strong and engaging speeches. He was an outspoken politician from the left of the party. Specially was this evident in foreign policy which also got him many enemies.

Palme was an early supporter of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa. Moreover he was an outspoken critic of the US imperialism in Latin America and all the way he strongly criticized the US brutal war in Vietnam. In his foreign policy approach he was far more left leaning than in his interior policy. He had political controversy in not doing enough for labour and social rights at home, while at the same time highly criticized from reactionary elites abroad, like apartheid leaders in South Africa and their capitalist cronies, and foreign minister Kissinger and president Nixon in USA.

After an early period with miserably investigation effort from Swedish police in finding the killer of Olof Palme, the different investigation teams has never really got into the right track up till now. The investigation is still not officially closed, but so far the reason and people behind Palme‘s assassination is a mystery. Many different murder theories has been on the agenda through this 30 years. Will there be another 30 years in darkness of investigation or will it be solved? Who knows who‘s behind, apart from the assassins?

Olof Palme, in memory!

Ivar Jørdre


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