Resist Artvin-Cerattepe, against to capitalists! This fight is for freedom of forests and nature!

Struggle for self determination and freedom of the people are the same all over the world: THE PEOPLES FIGHT AGAINST MISUSE OF POWER, GREED AND CAPITALISM! So also in this case from Turkey. Where not only locals from Artvin, but also nation wide people are protesting against dictator-like methods of stopping resistance. Even internationally people will know how the Sultanistic Erdogan-regime works for the Turkish nation: Destructive, abusive and inhuman. What a regime! Keep on fighting Turkish people, we support you around the world!

To read more of what I’ve written/posted earlier on this despotic and corrupt regime, and their «friends», see:

unnecessary news from earth

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Two days ago I had made a post about the pro-government mining company in Turkey wants to build gold and copper mine at Artvin, Turkey. This is my second post about this subject.

The people of Artvin-Cerattepe, Turkey have been resisting against to mining company and government and its police forces still.

Yesterday, Artvin governor issued a circular about ban of entering to the city of Artvin, and most people who wants to join resisting are preventing from the enter of Artvin.

Police forces have made control points at highway to check the vehicles which want to go Artvin. And they make identy control in many point. Yes, I know, it sounds like dictatorship era. When see these events who can claime it is not! If you are living in Turkey it must be possible to go anywhere what you want. But right now, the government ban to…

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One Response to Resist Artvin-Cerattepe, against to capitalists! This fight is for freedom of forests and nature!

  1. migarium seier:

    Thank you dear Ivar! With in solidarity my Earthling friend, we will destroy capitalism someday! Thank you for reblogging on behalf of the people of Cerattepe and trees and animals!

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