Chile and Peru People Demonstrates Against TPP!

"TPP is death. NO TPP"Citizens in Chile took to the streets Thursday to protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which was signed Wednesday by Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz in New Zealand.

The TPP is basically a bill of rights for corporations, with no benefits for ordinary people. Read more here


Also Peruvians takes to the streets to protest against TPP.

The TPP – A Corporate Bill of Rights

By Larry Brown

What we aren’t told by our governments is that these so-called ‘trade deals’ are really not very much about trade at all. They are international corporate constitutions, aimed at limiting the ability of our governments to control transnational corporate behavior. An international corporate Bill of Rights. READ MORE

The TPP in Numbers

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  1. migarium seier:

    My dear Earthling friend Ivar, I know this isn’t relevant about your post, but may I request a thing from you? There is a resistance against to pro-government mining company in Artvin, Turkey. I made a post about the situation. This resistance has been continuing for last seven days. These people need that their voices are heard. If my post would be appropriate for you, can you reblog this post? Here is the link:

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