The «contra-offensive» also in Brazil

Brazilian Parties Accuse Political Trial against Rousseff

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Brasilia, Dec 5 (Prensa Latina) In addition to the groups forming the government coalition, other three Brazilian parties criticized the political trial against President Dilma Rousseff.

Among the organizations: Socialism and Liberty Party (PSOL), the Democratic Labour Party (PDT) and the Sustainability Network (Rede), which leaders were opposed to the process of prosecution against Rousseff in Congress, for alleged tax liability.

The PSOL does not support the context and content of this process against the president of the country and it will vote against it in the special Commission to assess the validity of the allegations, said the head of the party in the Chamber of Deputies, Chico Alencar.

He noted that this position does not mean an endorsement of the federal government, with the ruling of the Workers Party (PT), the Brazilian Democratic Movement (PMDB) and a dozen of other political forces.

Alencar dismissed that alleged irregularities in public accounts are enough motive to take away the power from a leader.

«Original Flaws» in the announcement of this process is also seen, as the president of the Lower house, Eduardo Cunha, accepted the request of trial against Rousseff after PT lawmakers announced they will vote in favor of a process against the Parliamentarian authority in the Committee on Ethics, he said.

The PDT also commented against this process, it called it a coup attempt and accused the legislative leader of assuming a «irrational attitude» while authorizing a request for dismissal of the president of the country.

In a statement issued in Brasilia, the leader of the party, Carlos Lupi, censors Cunha and reveals that a person being investigated for corruption and money laundering can not be the responsible for wanting to remove from power a president elected by popular vote won in the polls.

The former presidential candidate and Rede’s leader, Marina Silva, also rejected this process, noting that there are no technical and legal elements to propose such a lawsuit against the Brazilian president.

Unions, social movements and even the Catholic Church also censored the start of a political trial against Rousseff and announced for next week demonstrations and marches in defense of democracy and against the attempted parliamentary coup.

The trial proceedings began last Thursday and should continue next Monday with the installing of a special commission, which will be composed of 65 members and will be responsible for determining whether there is evidence to support the allegation of fiscal responsibility against the head of state.


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Article from Prensa Latina

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