A bad turning point in Venezuela

As expected, unfortunately the center-right coalition MUD has won Venezuela’s National Assembly elections. If they will get a “simple majority” in the National Assembly or a “qualified majority”, reminds to be seen before all 167 seats in the parliament are in place. Many factors can explain the down turn of the ruling socialist party PSUV: The country’s income was halved by December, mostly due to the plummeting oil prices since 2014. Hyper-inflation began in January 2015 and have been estimated up to date to a 160% increase. The decline of the bolivar have also made some panic in Venezuela. Still the real enemy is on the inside, with the corporate elite and the economic war on goods, speculators, and smugglers. And on the outside, with the economic interference and political support of the opposition from the US. See also: Venezuela crisis and US economic war

If this scenario is the start of a major turning point in Venezuela and other Latin-American leftist governments, or a shorter momentous period, will be clearer in the next few years. But one thing is certain, to many of us any way, that the struggle for a more equal and just Latin-America continues and the international solidarity with it. The many social, political and economical gains the people have fought for and achieved, must not be lost to elites and neo-liberals again. Therefore stand up for your rights – we all revolutionaries stands behind you! Hasta la victoria siempre! UN PUEBLO UNIDO JAMÁS SERÁ VENCIDO!


Venezuelan Opposition Sweeps Parliamentary Elections

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