IS, the West and the history of the Middle East

Isis: In a borderless world, the days when we could fight foreign wars and be safe at home may be long gone

Isis was quick to understand a truth the West must now confront: that the national borders imposed by colonial powers 100 years go are becoming meaningless, says Robert Fisk, in a very interesting article published in The Independent, 19th of November.
 A Kurdish fighter surveys the border between Turkey and Iraq

Early in 2014, Isis released one of its first videos. Largely unseen in Europe, it had neither the slick, cutting-edge professionalism of its later execution tapes nor the haunting “nasheed” music that accompanies most of its propaganda. Instead, a hand-held camera showed a bulldozer pushing down a rampart of sand that had marked the border between Iraq and Syria. As the machine destroyed the dirt revetment, the camera panned down to a handwritten poster lying in the sand. “End of Sykes-Picot”, it said.

Like many hundreds of thousands of Arabs in the Middle East, for whom Sykes-Picot was an almost cancerous expression, I watched this early Isis video in Beirut. The bloody repercussions of the borders that the British and French diplomats, Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot, drew in secret during the First World War – originally giving Syria, Mount Lebanon and northern Iraq to the French, and Palestine, Transjordan and the rest of Iraq to the British – are known to every Arab, Christian and Muslim and, indeed, every Jew in the region. They eviscerated the governorates of the old dying Ottoman empire and created artificial nations in which borders, watchtowers and hills of sand separated tribes, families and peoples. They were an Anglo-French colonial production. Read more at The Independent

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2 Responses to IS, the West and the history of the Middle East

  1. migarium seier:

    The events are going to darkness, my dear Earthling friend. Today, it has been an event to support this. Russian Su-24 jet-fighter shot down by F-16 which belongs to Turkish airforce at Syria border…

  2. ivarjordre seier:

    Yes, I have heard about this event too, my friend Migo. And it tells me that this «participation» by a NATO-state like Turkey can be a part of the imperialist strategy to scale up the conflict so NATO eventually blame Russia for it, and thereby go into the warfare for a «new order» of the Middle East? If my theory is probable this is a very serious and dangerous development!

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