Hollande admits France had armed terrorists in Syria

I put the question of direct or indirect support from governments, open for debate in yesterday‘s post, The terrorist state and their sponsors. I wrote that countries like Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi-Arabia, have for a long time been suspected for sponsoring IS and other terrorist groups in one way or another and that this is hard to prove, mainly due to secret national budget (like Saudi-Arabia) and lack of government’s transparency. I also wrote that Western powers (which among others Nafeez Ahmed writes about) have also indirectly or directly supported terrorist groups like IS and Al-Qaeda financially and militarily, in the past at least. «In the past» might it be true? Well..any way it would be madness if some Western nations gave support to these murderous groups, at the same time, as terror hits Russia, Lebanon, France and now Mali (hostage taking of 170 people in Bamako) yesterday (20th of November). Would‘n it? 

The article below is in Spanish (no version found in English, strangely enough?). It refers to the French president Hollande in an interview with Le Monde, 22nd of August 2014. In the interview he admits that France from 2011 on, had given arms to terrorist groups in Syria, to boost the fight against the al-Asad regime. And that this support was in conformance with «the European compromise», as he put it! It has long been known (even before the uprising against al-Asad in 2011) that the French government have been obsessed with the idea of regime change in Syria. As an old colonial «spin doctor» in the Middle East, alongside Britain and the US, they have still many interests in the area, both when it comes to oil interests and geopolitical. In this interview it has not been said directly that ISIL (Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant) had received support in the past. But other groups had received arms, among other more «moderate groups» (as he called them) to stand up against ISIL. Hollande defended this policy. At the same time he said in principal terms that elements within ISIL had received armed, financial and logistical support from various regional and Western countries, led by USA. BUT, because of the menace from the terrorist group, «today» (August 2014) different Western authorities considered fight the group and to divide the terrorists into good and bad ones. In another part of the interview with Le Monde, Hollande in the strongest terms condemns the “bárbara ejecución” of the US journalist James Foley, who IS killed last year. Of course it is barbaric, but in the light of that Western powers, including France, had supported the very same groups who takes hostages and kills them – HOW MORALISTIC DISFIGURED IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE, Hollande?

Dear readers, this interview of Hollande and this attitude from Western powers, happened JUST one year ago. It is striking in itself, but unfortunately not surprising.   Read the article yourself, if you manage to read Spanish, and make up your own opinion. The link is: canarias-semanal.org (see also the comments beneath the article).

En una entrevista concedida a Le Monde


Hispan TV
Viernes, 22 de agosto de 2014
Yihadistas y Hollande-img_41776


   En una revelación sin precedentes, el presidente de Francia, François Hollande, admitió haber ordenado la entrega de armas a los terroristas que luchan en Siria, desde mediados de marzo de 2011, contra el Gobierno de Bashar al-Asad.

   Hollande hizo estas declaraciones en una entrevista concedida el miércoles al diario local‘Le Monde’ en la que justificó que esa entrega de armas estaba en conformidad con los“compromisos europeos”.

Defendió, también, que los grupos armados activos en Siria, a los que considera moderados,  merecen el apoyo de París para enfrentar la amenaza del grupo terrorista Estado Islámico de Irak y del Levante (EIIL o Daesh, en árabe).

En referencia a Daesh, Hollande afirmó que no se trata de un movimiento terrorista como Al-Qaeda, sino un “estado terrorista (…) un grupo estructurado, que dispone de financiación importante y armas muy sofisticadas”, contra el cual se debe tomar una “estrategia global”.

Al principio de los conflictos en Siria los elementos del EIIL recibieron apoyo armamentístico, financieros y logístico de algunos países regionales y occidentales, encabezados por Estados Unidos.

Pero, tras ser amenazados por el grupo terrorista Daesh, ahora varias autoridades occidentales hablan de tener que combatirlo y dividen a los terroristas en malos y buenos.

En otra parte de su entrevista, el mandatario francés condenó energéticamente la “bárbara ejecución” del periodista estadounidense James Foley a manos de un integrante del EIIL.

A últimas horas del martes, este grupo takfirí difundió un vídeo en el que uno de sus miembros, con un marcado acento británico, ejecuta a Foley, que desapareció en Siria hace dos años.

En el mismo vídeo, tras amenazar con matar al también periodista estadounidense Steven Sotloff, el terrorista, dirigiéndose a Obama, le dice que la vida de ese ciudadano depende de su próxima decisión.


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