The Paris attacks and the Beirut bombings – a discrepancy in attention

Here is an interesting article on the problematic, but not surprising, fact that we particularly in the West tends to see two major grave terror incidents differently in «value» and «attention». This phenomenon is of course not new, but in any case , these two incidents within only a two day interval are striking as examples:

The Beirut attack and The Paris attack:

Why the Paris attacks overshadowed Beirut bombings

, from Yahoo News

It might be nearly impossible to find a social media-using member of Western society whose Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feeds were not filled with tributes to Paris this weekend — whether in the form of French flag filtered photos, a widely shared illustration of the Eiffel Tower at the center of a peace sign, or simply the hashtag #PrayForParis.

But, as the New York Times pointed out on Sunday, a scan of the same social media feeds would not likely produce much evidence of the fact that, just one day before over 120 people were killed in a string of consecutive attacks around Paris, dual suicide bombings took more than 40 lives in the Lebanese city of Beirut — the Islamic State terrorist organization (also known as ISIS) having claimed responsibility for both.

Once news of the Beirut attacks did start to spread online, however, the response was less an outpouring of support and more an outpouring of outrage and attempts to blame either the media or the public for overlooking Lebanon.

In a post at Medium, journalist Martin Belam expressed his frustration over a widely shared tweet claiming that “no media” had covered the Beirut attacks when, in reality, Belam wrote, “search Google News and you will find pages and pages of reports of the attacks in Beirut. Pages and pages and pages. Over 1,286 articles in fact  —  lots of which pre-date the attacks in Paris.”

No media has covered this, but R.I.P to all the people that lost their lives in Lebanon yesterday from Isis attacks


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