The «Sultan» thinks he has won

“The ones who are authoritarian and arrogant lost, and the ones who are in love with the liberty and peace in Turkey won in the polls,” Selahattin Demirtas, the co-chairperson (together with Figen Yüksekdağ) of the pro-Kurdish party HDP, said in early June election this year. “We, the oppressed of Turkey, have beaten a government who used all the state’s facilities against us, to attack us… This is the victory of the oppressed and alienated in Turkey,” he added. Now after the NEW election, forced forward with thuggish methods by the Erdogan-regime, on 1. November, the time has been turned back again to the authoritarian majority rule the Turkish people have known too well for too many years. Back to business as usual? Not quite! The «Sultan» Erdogan and his disciples cannot change the constitution alone without support to gain the two-third majority needed. But it was close..puh!

Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had campaigned to write a new constitution to increase the powers of the country’s presidential office. The AK-party needed at least 330 seats to unilaterally initiate such a change and take it to a referendum. All the other three main parties are against a presidential system. But it didn’t go like quite like that for the ruling elite this time either. They got 317 seats. The AK-party has become increasingly authoritarian throughout its 13-year government. But the country has avoided a one-person dictatorship and a civilian coup thanks to the bravery of Turkish voters whom saw this danger in time. But when it seams to be a opportunity to look for a more left-leaning country away from harshness and despotism, it failed. Much thanks to the intimidation and harassment campaign from the regime through violence towards the opposition and upheaval of the conflict with the Kurdish fighters in the PKK, which also is a political party. In this made atmosphere enough voters have come back to AK-party.

Turkish protest, June 2013

We all know that NATO supports Turkey on tackling PKK. The true face of NATO and Turkey comes at light, even more after this last election I am afraid: NATO has offered political support for Turkey’s campaign against PKK before, as an aim to without direct words, without direct involvement and without political conscience, to once and for all get rid of the Kurdish fighters. Now the regime have regained majority in the parliament, so why not let Erdogan do more of the dirty work for  them and the West. If this will be the reality for some time and if the bombing campaign increases again, time will show. Dear readers: Just see how little we have heard about Turkey attacking IS positions since the «campaign» started and how much we have heard about intimidation of the Turkish left since the last election. Is it coincidental or lack of information? I think none of them. Erdogan and his tin soldiers have almost in every run up to elections steered up violence and this autumn also bombing actions on PKK bases in the mountains in Northern Iraq and in Southern Turkey. Why? Because the Turkish Ottoman and caliphate minded government sees the Turkish left and the Kurds as a genuine threat to the big idea of  Grand Turkey. The economic and geopolitical elites of the West maybe likes this idea as well. At least they probably like the sort of «clean up» inside the country done by an authoritarian regime. This together with the usual geopolitical and strategic interests of the West and NATO, makes it a very lethal mix indeed! But indeed I do not think this «mix» will succeed in the long run. I have a hope in the Turkish people «fighting» back. The «Erdogans» and their Western friends have not won yet!

Ivar Jørdre



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2 Responses to The «Sultan» thinks he has won

  1. migarium seier:

    Indeed, there is no war which has been won yet;)

  2. ivarjordre seier:

    Yes, let us keep up the fight. For a revolutionary and better world, and a new and just Turkey!

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