You believe in humanity, the good times will come, goodness and Socialism!

Hi Migo,
thanks for translating the Communist Party speech into English. It’s interesting what they say about the obvious change needed in Turkey. I wish them good luck in the election. I’ve reblogged the article.

And let us not forget what I posted this summer about the danger of the NATO, Ottoman and IS mix. That’s a lethal one:

unnecessary news from earth

One of Communist Party’s posters about November 1 elections; Translation in English: You believe in humanity, the good times will come, goodness and Socialism! «Evet» means «yes» for voting.

A week before November 1 elections in Turkey, the representatives of Turkey’s political parties started to make own party speech in official state television TRT. The majority part of speech of the representative of Communist Party which was made yesterday evening as follows.


The bloodbath that we were pushed into and what we live in nowadays, are the political style of capital layout and imperialism. Unless this order does not change, both peace and war will be shaped in bloody politics and in large massacres which is public enemy. For brotherhood, for peace, for unity this layout must be changed. This is the way.

Disbelief, despair, indecision and cowardice have no place in the future of humanity. Our country is…

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2 Responses to You believe in humanity, the good times will come, goodness and Socialism!

  1. migarium seier:

    Thank you my dear Earthling friend Ivar, for reblogging. At that day, when you reblogged this post, same day I’ve taken bad news, one of my valuable friend, maybe you know newsfortherevolution blog’s owner, I heard he passed away. He was taking cancer treatment last four months. He was a brilliant Canadian socialist… And I couldn’t attend to my blog due to this and another issues. But life continues. And thank you again, seemingly it will be a lot of issues that we will talk about at future days after new results.:)

  2. ivarjordre seier:

    Thank you so much too, my dear friend Migo. I am very sorry about our dear Canadian socialist friend has died. Yes I know a little bit about his blog, he was a very good writer. And undoubtedly we will talk about future issues in times to come, Migo.

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