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One year ago I wrote about the interest of the West, in particular of the US, and imperial and resource (read: oil) interests in the Middle East. This article The interests of the West – Imperial pretensions from Syria to Iran talkes about the interference and bullying of USA for decades. With the use of support of brutal regimes (Shan in Iran, Sadam in Iraq, the many Saudi-Sunni-Kings and so on) and the change in attitude towards some of the regimes when imperial interests are at stake. The tools for making the change was f. ex.  invading Iraq on false allegations of weapons of mass destruction, fucking up the situation in Syria with building up and supporting as many Sunni extremist groups as possible with Saudi government aid. All this has also to do with the use of intelligence and security contractors, many of them private. Many will remember Blackwater in Iraq (renamed Academi, after their killing shame of civilians and torture allegations in the Iraqi war), is just one in the industry of hundreds of private military companies: Blackwater: The problem is the outsourcing of war. It is also well known that CIA run torture programs were “overwhelmingly outsourced operations”: PSYCHO-CAPITALISM: A $180 million torture-for-profit industry

The same author, Tim Shorrock, have also written for The Nation newly, an article about privatisation of the intelligence industry. This together with that US intelligence is more privatized than ever before, with for-profit corporations operating as an equal partner with the surveillance state, and THE MILITARY, makes this super-cyber-space and 1984-like world, extremely dangerous. He writes that this development due to its blending of national security and capitalism, has gained far more power than the military industrial complex of the Cold War. Read the hole article,

«US Intelligence Is More Privatized Than Ever Before»

also on my blog-page Geopolitics

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