Turkish gov and IS – the real terrorists!

Turkish president Erdogan is still sponsoring terrorist actions in Turkey and Syria as he aims to save his seat of power when it was near threatened last month. These games are made to prevent people from seeing the realities and to make them forget Erdogan’s intention to pass power down to his son which will make the country a monarchy. The democracy in Turkey is really at stake. Through the fake internal strife created by Turkey they aim to topple Assad as this gives them a pre-text to attack Syria. Turkey’s sudden willingness to join the fight against the so called Islamic State is a sign that it’s afraid of losing out with the U.S. At the same time bombing PKK bases in Northern Iraq Turkey’s government obviously shows the world what kind of aims they have in the end: No Kurdish self rule what so ever and no peace!

It is said the fire you kindle for your enemy often burns yourself more than him. That’s what is happening to Turkey right now along its border with Syria.

The very same actor that for months aided and abetted IS, even acting as a “jihadi highway”, is now busy fighting the same terrorist group at the border. For the first time, the Turkish army has carried out multiple airstrikes against IS targets in Syria! So far, several IS fighters and Turkish soldiers have been killed or wounded in the attacks.

This is the first major exchange between Turkey and IS during the months of the two sharing a common border – and dalliance. Turkey is scrambling to shore up the defences at that border now, and seems to be shifting quickly into a wartime footing.

In the words of Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu, the airstrikes are just the beginning of a broader process. To this end, Turkey plans to host US warplanes for further airstrikes, showing they are transitioning dramatically after a long period of direct support, during which Turkey was the route of choice for IS recruits to enter Syria.

Despite the bland statement, the going is not easy. Turkey is headed down hill and they don’t even know it:

-Ankara has been forced to change policy. The US-led alliance against Damascus has failed and is shifting policy. Turkey’s policy in Syria has also failed because President Assad is still in power while the Kurds control a growing swathe of territory.

-Turkey claims to have shut down multiple IS offices and recruiting centres within its borders. It’s an official acknowledgement that Ankara and IS are allies. Lest we forget, Jabhat al-Nusra was masterminded from an operational headquarters inside Turkey and was the outcome of a closer understanding between Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

-The recent suicide bombing which killed 32 and wounded 104 young people in the Kurdish town of Suruc was just a warning. It could have happened in Ankara. IS wants continued alliance with Ankara, while Ankara, increasingly on the edge, wants none of it.

-The Turkish government claims it is fully committed to defeating IS and the Suruc attack was in retaliation for stepped up measures against the terrorist group. This is far from the truth. The security clampdown against IS is just for show. It doesn’t include real anti-terror actors…

As it does stand, blowback from the “Syria jihad” has begun, where nothing good ever comes of violence for Turkey. Indeed, violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. What is not in doubt is that Turkey will soon pay a heavy price for assisting IS and other terrorist groups in Syria. To save face, Ankara should pick up the phone and call Damascus – before the violence spreads further into its borders.

From: farsnews.com

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5 Responses to Turkish gov and IS – the real terrorists!

  1. migarium seier:

    Facts will emerge someday! If you want to read the details my Earthling friend, I add a new post today under the title «Husnu Mahalli: “The caliphate dream of Erdogan has put Turkey in danger”.

    • ivarjordre seier:

      Yes Migo, a very interesting interview with journalist and writer Husnu MahalliSaudi. Arabia, Pakistan and the CIA founded and still supports Al Qaeda, Al-Nusra and IS. And they have made these terrorists into monsters they can not cope with any more. The big background here is of course under and after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan under the deconstruction process of Soviet Union, the “Green Belt” Very dangerous indeed! At the same time the extremely right-wing Erdogan is bombing PKK. I think he calculates this opportunity to further harassments on Kurds all over, and it has already destroyed the 3 year ceasefire. I you the Turkish people can’t stop the gov, it will, probably together with NATO, drag your country into the bloodiest conflict in the region so far, and beyond.

      • migarium seier:

        Thank you for reading my Earthling friend! Money fathers, elites are watching by leaning back, while innocent people are dying. This is the same all over the world, you know. But it is more in the Middle East. As Husnu Mahalli said: «There is a genetic problem in the region, there is always blood in this region; I’ve never wrote the good news.»

        This can be related to AKP could not be again power by own after this last election. There is nothing he can’t do for governing alone, presidential system, even to be caliph. There is fledged corruption in the country. People are in a situation that can not almost move due to hunger. Today a news is in Turkey, about which almost half of over 65 years old retirees that they refer to the institution of finding a job. Young people already unemployed. Already, the democracy doesn’t exist in this country, and so on. Religion and nationalism rhetoric are in the extreme level for last week. Kurds and Turks are in the same perspective; inside the two sides «we want blood against blood» words rising. While all these are happening, there’s no logical power around here.

        This is a test, my Earthling friend. Turkey is going through an exam. At the end of this exam the world will be affected, not only Turkey. If the radical Islam doesn’t leap to Europe, America with real face the reason of this that secular Muslim republic Turkey keeps the boundaries in every sense. If Turkey doesn’t pass this test, every people on this planet will be harmful.

        But I have hope. I feel hopeful about the all people around world and these lands. Without experiencing a lot of pain, the good days can not live, unfortunately. And, I do have hope, as a socialist extraterrestrial:)

  2. God artikkel i Klassekampen 28/7 under overskriften: Bomber Kobanis voktere:

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