GAZA – destructed by war criminals!

Palestinians mark one year since last summer’s devastating war in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, with a ceasefire still largely holding but few of the issues that led to the conflict resolved. Tanks to the international society’s lack of interest and the Israeli blockade of Gaza, almost nothing has been done to rebuild the ruins of this tiny strip inhabited by 1.8 million people.

The war took a heavy toll on Gaza, killing 2,251 Palestinians, including more than 500 children. 73 people were killed on the Israeli side, including 67 soldiers. Just looking at these figures tells us what an unfair and criminal war this became. The term «war» is also unbalanced: One of the heaviest armies in the world (thanks in particular to US support) invades and bombs a tiny piece of earth with no army just fighters, no air force just small rockets and no underground shelters just houses (even UN-run schools wasn’t safe!).

A UN report released last month said both sides may have committed war crimes during the 50-day conflict, which has left more than 100,000 Gazans homeless in the impoverished enclave of 1.8 million people. No houses they once lived in has yet been rebuilt. It was the third war in Gaza in six years, and by far the deadliest and most destructive of the three, leaving families wondering when the suffering will end.

Pro-Palestinian activists prepare flotilla to break Gaza blockade – from

The blockade, as well as a lack of financing from international donors, has to be blamed for the slow pace of reconstruction in Gaza, where around 18,000 homes were destroyed or severely damaged. Another 100,000 with some damage.The Israeli government are not interested in fully ending the blockade. Nor have they any interest in letting the Gaza people develop their economy by export of goods. Not even let the Gaza fishermen get their own food is possible. The Israeli army shoots them, bombs them and hunts them!

Al Jazeera spoke to Palestinians who said little was being done to help them recover and go on with their lives. The director of The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), Robert Turner, criticised the blockade, calling on Israel to end it immediately. «The blockade remains in place and its crippling effect on Gaza is undeniable, inexcusable,» Turner said during a press conference in the territory on Wednesday, 8th of July, the day the Israeli monster attack started one year ago, with the 50-day assault as the outcome.

Ill. Latuff – Gaza-blockade

In solidarity with the Gaza people, I commemorate the dead, I hope the wounded will be recovered in best possible way, and I sincerely hope for a better future for all Gazans. But to let this happen real solidarity and economic support internationally is needed – not words! Real pressure from US on Israel to end the blockade NOW – not nice talks and arms!

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