Trans-Pacific Partnership – a shame for the future

Tuesday 23rd of June, the US Senate narrowly voted to put corporate interests ahead of the people of the hole Pacific region by passing a procedural vote to Fast Track bad trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The Senate will hold their final vote on Fast Track Wednesday, where it is sure to pass after today’s showing, then the bill will move to President Obama’s desk for signature.

As an activist who put peoples interest and lives before corporate economic dictatorship, 
I am appalled by passage of Fast Track. Not only is this bill even worse than previous versions,¹ but the bill passed in the face of broad-based public opposition. In the past few months, Food & Water Watch supporters in the US made over 11,000 calls to Congress, sent over 175,000 messages, held rallies outside key offices and made sure elected officials heard from the people. As a result, we secured a number of key votes against Fast Track and helped make this fight last much longer than expected.

But in the end, trade proponents — including multinational corporations, Republican Congressional leadership and President Obama — pulled every political trick in the book to force this bill through.

Fast Track will move the as-yet-unseen Trans-Pacific Partnership forward, a trade pact that will undermine key consumer, public health and environmental protections, and other trade deals that follow. These trade deals could undermine America’s food safety standards and common sense food labeling measures, bringing a rising tide of unsafe imported food to our grocery stores and restaurants.

Massive corporate special interests won this round, but this isn’t over yet. We must keep our spirits up and continue working to protect the Pacific region by stopping final approval of the TPP.

We have to stop this greed of economic monsters – if not – the future will hit back on coming generations – badly!

¹  Free Trade Senate Democrats Provide Narrow Margin to Pass Fast Track, Food & Water Watch, May 23, 2015.

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