No, the Demolition of the Berlin Wall Was Not the End of Socialism

Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall in 1990 (Jurek Durczak)

Richard Kreitner and Back Issues on November 10, 2014, the nation

The deconstruction, if you will, of the Berlin Wall twenty-five years ago this week perversely led to the erection of a similarly oppressive barrier, now to critical thinking rather than to the free movement of persons and goods, which has long been begging for deconstruction in turn: the trope, I mean—and it is no more than a trope—that the end of the Berlin Wall, a creature barely more than a quarter-century old, caused or vaguely heralded the end of socialism, a tradition of political thought and action stretching back roughly two centuries with antecedents at least a millennium or two older than that. This Nation editorial from late 1989, especially its concluding paragraph, is a bracing reminder of who exactly benefits from the proliferation of the idea that history ended the year before the editor of Back Issues was born.

And my message is the same, as written in this editorial from 1989, but I will ad: The situation is harder today when it comes to the harshness of capitalism and imperialism. The Warsaw Pact is no more, only NATO is left as the imperialistic tool of the West. If it is true what the famous film-maker Oliver Stone claims (and I don’t see why not, seen in the light of what have been done before in efforts from the West to make regime changes around the world, like Iran, Chile, Indonesia), that the CIA and their helpers are behind the coup in Ukraine one year ago. In South-Europe, where the economic crises are very hard, the socialist movements Podemos in Spain and Syriza in Greece are examples of that socialism is far from the end. And there is the changing processes in Latin-America with the Socialism for the 21rst Century, in countries like Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. In other words: SOCIALISM IS NOT OVER, FAR FROM IT, AND WILL PROBABLY JUST INCREASE IF PEOPLES ALL OVER THE WORLD FINDS OUT THAT CAPITALISM IS THE ROOT TO OUR GLOBAL PROBLEMS AND NOT THE SOLUTION TO THEM!

Ivar J.


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