What is the consequences of the so called «war on terror»?

war on terror is over - is it?

The war on terror is over…did we win?

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The problem of the issue concerning the so called «war on terror» will be increasingly important in years to come. When a economic system in global crisis creates more and more highly dangerous geopolitical demands for global dominants, the term «war on terror» will create even more havoc around the world in the future. IF THIS IS NOT STOPED!

Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, a bestselling author, award-winning investigative journalist, international security scholar, a policy expert and film maker, explains on his blog of reasons why and who is responsible for the Pakistan school massacre. In other words: what kind of forces in the first place have created a monster like the Pakistani Taliban and what purpose does terror networks like this have as a tool for the geopolitical interests of global powers.

Here is a very interesting excerpt from his article, dated 19th of December:

In 2009, I obtained a confidential report commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which provided a shocking explanation for this seemingly contradictory policy. The report, authored by respected defence consultant Prof Ola Tunander who had previously contributed to a high-level Danish government inquiry into US covert operations during the Cold War, concluded that US strategy in AfPak is to “support both sides in the conflict” so as to “calibrate the level of violence,” ironically to prolong, not end, regional conflicts. This counterintuitive strategy, the report argued, appears to be motivated by a wider geopolitical objective of maintaining global support for US interventionism to maintain regional security. By fanning the flames of war in AfPak, US forces are able to “increase and decrease the military temperature and calibrate the level of violence” with a view to permanently “mobilize other governments in support of US global policy.”

Read the hole article on my new page Geopolitics

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