Brutal Repression Of Anti-FIFA & World Cup Protests in Brazil – UPDATES


BrU3MWcCcAEva_F29th of June: Demonstrators in Rio, near the ‘Fun Fest’ in Copacabana stage a ‘Die In’ during a silent protest against the violent repression and arrests of Anti-FIFA activists.


Copacabana, a march against censorship and against deaths from the violent military police.



28th of June: Military police arrested 15 activists and violently disbanded the demonstration that brought together about 300 people in Rio near the area of the Maracana Stadium where a World Cup match was taking place. Demonstrators were beaten and journalists who attempted to record the scenes had equipment broken. Activists plan to return on the 13th of July for the final match of the World Cup. Photos of arrests and demonstrations from NINJA, the act ended due to police violence.

Photo: Thiago Stone

Feminists hold a banner against heightened sexual tourism at the Lagoinha Complex overpass in Belo Horizonte during the Brazil vs Chile 28th of June.

Rio de Janeiro, Photo: NINJA

Rio de Janeiro, Photo: NINJA

Rio de Janeiro, Photo: NINJA

Rio de Janeiro, Photo: NINJA

(NINJA) – GAY PRIDE in the Act on the street Cup brings together various social movements and has a special block for LGBT rights. Today is honored the Gay pride, recalling the popular uprisings in New York that there are 45 years occurred changes in the treatment of gays in the country.

protesto-masp-prisao-ativistas-alanmorici-3-cavalariaPhoto: Alan Morici / Land

26th of June: In Sao Paulo during a protest against the arrests of two activists, Rafael Marques and Fabio Hideki Harano, on Monday 23rd, the Military Police (MP) formed a cordon across Ave Paulista blocking the march at the Art Museum (MASP) before it ever got underway.  Hundreds of Calvary and Riot MP’s surrounded the protesters for several hours.

Foto: Oliver Kornblihtt / Mídia NINJA

Surrounded by a contingent of more than 500 officers. Photo: Oliver Kornblihtt / Mídia NINJA


Photo: Alan Morici / Land

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