Journalist says Obama suddenly declared massive “terrorism threat” after downplaying al-Qaeda for years.


Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke Edward Snowden’s revelations on the NSA’s domestic spying in the U.S. and globaly, said that the government exploited the recent “terrorist threat” on U.S. embassies in order to promote the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping. Of course he has a good point here. In my opinion this is exactly what we should expect from government officials, representatives and intelligence. And what a nice timing, they think!

Big Brother is Obama
Orwell warned us about «Big Brother» always watching us.
Now we have that….AND………a brotha watching us.
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Obama and his spy (spin) doctors fully endorsed the NSA’s drag net, which surpasses the scale of Big Brother in 1984, and suggested that the surveillance obtained led to the closing of 21 embassies and consulates across North Africa and the Middle East. Senator Saxby Chambliss and Senator Lindsey Graham, both republicans, said that these recent “terrorism threats” are a “good indication” that the NSA’s Stasi-style spying is “important.” In response to these statements, Greenwald told that Chambliss’ comments were ludicrous:

“For eight straight years, literally, Democrats, every time there was a terrorist alert or a terrorist advisory issued by the United States government in the middle of a debate over one of the Bush-Cheney civil liberties abuses, would accuse the United States government and the national security state of exaggerating terrorism threats, of manipulating advisories, of hyping the dangers of al-Qaeda, in order to distract attention away from their abuses and to scare the population into submitting to whatever it is they wanted to do,” Greenwald said.

“And so, here we are in the midst of one of the most intense debates and sustained debates that we’ve had in a very long time in this country over the dangers of excess surveillance and suddenly an administration that has spent two years claiming that it has decimated al-Qaeda decides that there is this massive threat that involves the closing of embassies and consulates throughout the world.”

Greenwald also pointed out that Chambliss (R), like Graham (R), are both leading NSA loyalists. Absolutely no surprise! I will add that among many democrats too there are lots of good thoughts about how fantastic NSA is for U.S. national security. We should also have in mind that this vast surveillance program PRISM is perfect for «emergency situations» like popular uprising or big protests.

Chambliss and Graham both exploited the terrorist threat, Greenwald said in the interview with, within mere hours of the embassy closings in order to defend domestic surveillance. “What that has to do with the ongoing controversy about the NSA is completely mystifying,” he said. He acknowledged that states do surveillance to try to avoid terrorist attacs, BUT: “The controversy is over the fact that they are sweeping up billions and billions of emails and telephone calls every single day from people around the world and in the United States who have absolutely nothing to do with terrorism.”

Greenwald also brought up the persuasive argument that many analysts made that when an agency collects everything indiscriminately, it becomes harder, not easier, to detect actual terrorist plots.
“If this agency really were devoted and if these surveillance programs were really devoted to finding terrorism, they would be much more directed and discriminating, but they’re not,” he said.

“They’re indiscriminate and limitless, and that’s one of the problems.”
What he did not say, but probably can agree on, as I mentioned above, are these spy programs capability and sufficiency for massiv surveillance of the people of this planet. Is big brother waching you now?


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